How to Use Microlearning to Teach Employees Your Business, Mission, Brand, and Products

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Coleen Gowen
Posted by Coleen Gowen on Nov 7, 2018 11:30:00 AM

How to Use Microlearning to Teach Employees Your Business, Mission, Brand, and Products

Employees want continuous learning experiences, but a Microsoft Corp. study found that people generally lose concentration after eight seconds. So how can you capture employees’ attention to teach them about your mission, brand, and products? Training experts say the solution is to use microlearning online training.

Explore microlearning
Microlearning is a teaching style that breaks topic-specific information into bite-sized pieces Traineaze makes it easy to create microlearning modules.that are easily digestible for employees to learn and understand. Because microlearning modules are short – less than 5 minutes long – employees are not overloaded with a lot of details that they’ll quickly forget.

Remember, the goal is to help employees gain deeper knowledge on one topic.  After creating the microlearning modules, organize them, so it’s easy for employees to find quickly the information they need. Learn more tips on microlearning.

For most employee training needs, online training software is the best way to create microlearning modules. If you use the right online training software, you can create content that can be targeted to specific topics or learning needs. The software should allow you to incorporate a variety of communication formats, such as videos, PowerPoint, audio, and photos, in the teaching modules to make the information interesting. Review these guidelines on how to find the right online training software.

Teach your history, mission and brand
Microlearning is a great way to onboard new employees and teach them your business mission and brand, and to keep current employees engaged with their work.

When identifying the information to include in these training modules, consider these definitions: 
* Company refers to your organization and the products and services you produce.
* Mission clarifies the “what,” “who,” “why,” and “how” of the company. 
* Brand is defined by the image and personality of your company on the products and services.

Traineaze makes it easy to provide employee online training anytime.Start by making a list of specific details about your company history and mission. You don’t need to tell employees everything all at once. Pick out three to five key points that best capture the essence of the business. Weave in several short stories and experiences that will capture employees’ attention. Often, it’s the simple stories that employees remember and share.

Next, think of examples about the company brand that you can share. It may help to think through these questions:
* What’s the lasting impression customers have about your company?
* What services and products do you provide that impact how customers connect with your business?

Now it’s time to turn these details, examples, and stories into online training modules that employees can watch. Remember, the modules don’t have to be complex or perfect. Break the information you want to share into specific, short topics. Be authentic, not polished. And whenever possible, make the learning fun. Studies show that 69 percent of employees say they are more likely to stay with a company if they have meaningful learning experiences. 

Explore more ideas on how to successfully onboard employees using online training software by reading this blog.

Engage long-term employees
Businesses tend to think that once employees are oriented to the business, their job is done.Traineaze-supports-online-training-595979-edited But onboarding should be an ongoing process.

Ask seasoned employees to help create the training modules. Work with them to develop content points, identify and tell stories about their work experiences, or do voice-over recordings for videos or audio presentations. 

Remember, sharing facts about the business and customers provide employees with knowledge, but stories a give them nuggets of wisdom about the “how” and “way” your company does business.

Update employees on products
The business marketplace continually changes, requiring owners to update their products and alvaro-serrano-133380-unsplash-241534-editedservices to keep up with competitors. Often in the process, little time is spent educating employees about the changes.

Microlearning training can simplify the process. Owners and managers can create modules that showcase product changes and explain how the updates better meet customers’ needs. Employees can watch the modules many times until they feel confident that they understand the updates and know how to communicate them to customers.

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