Should You Use This Hot Trend for Employee Training?

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Coleen Gowen
Posted by Coleen Gowen on Jul 18, 2018 9:11:39 AM

Should You Use This Hot Trend for Employee Training?

Training experts report that teaching new material in bite-size chunks, called microlearning, can enhance workers’ learning and retention. It’s easier for employees to use the material they learn to sell products and serve your customers. Here’s what we know about microlearning, the hottest employee learning trend, so you can decide whether it’s right for your employee training program.

What is microlearning?
Microlearning training sessions should provide employees with brief learning experiences. Each training segment should be less than 5 minutes and focus on a specific topic. The goal is to help employees develop deeper learning on a single concept. And, the training material should be easy to understand.

What microlearning is notMicrolearning vs Traditional Training
Some trainers believe that microlearning is a process of taking material designed for an hour-long class and splitting it up into short segments. But, it’s not.

Each microlearning training topic should stand alone as an independent learning experience, with a specific learning outcome. Learners should not have to watch sessions in sequence to understand a topic.

Why do employees prefer it?
Most employees have less than 24 minutes a week to learn new things. According to Inc., employees today want to learn on the go. They want to develop their knowledge and skills. But, employees prefer to learn in bite-sized segments vs. being dumped with a large amount of information. Microlearning makes it possible for employees to learn anytime, anywhere and on any device.elearning in segments

Microlearning segments always should be available for employees to refresh their knowledge on topics as needed. For example, if they haven’t sold a particular product for a while, they can review an eLearning session on the topic and get up to speed quickly. This type of on-the-go learning gives employees confidence in helping customers and enhances their engagement with the business. Learn more about why microlearning is best for employee training by reading this blog.

How to set up effective microlearning training
Microlearning training information should be interesting, so it’s easy for employees to remember. Many small businesses find that creating short, entertaining videos, infographics or PowerPoint presentations are the best way to teach nuggets of material.

Traineaze LMSUsing a learning management system (LMS), like Traineaze, helps trainers quickly create a fun learning experience for employees. The LMS chosen should provide options for designing micro online training, with step-by-step instructions and great customer service for help in setting it up. For tips on developing an effective employee training program, review this blog.

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