6 Reasons Why Your Trucking Businesses Should Use Online Training for Employees

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Coleen Gowen
Posted by Coleen Gowen on May 15, 2019 7:32:08 PM

6 Reasons Why Your Trucking Businesses Should Use Online Training for Employees

As a trucking company, are you part of the 10% or the 85%?

Research by CarriersEdge, the creators of the “Best Fleets to Drive For” program shows that only 10% of all fleets use online training. In comparison, 85% of the fleets rated as “Best Fleets About 1 in 10 highway deaths occurs in crash involving a large truck.to Drive For” consistently provide online training for truck drivers.

If you’ve put off setting up an online training program for employees, you’re missing out. Consider six ways online training makes a difference in your business success.

1. Improves driving – About 1 in 10 highway deaths occurs in a crash involving a large truck. Accidents occur for many reasons. Some are preventable if drivers have the right training. Training programs should teach the “why” on steps drivers can take to prevent and avoid accidents. And they should help truckers understand the reasons why the company does things in a specific way, and how it makes a difference in their success. 

2. Tailors learning experiences – The right online training software should be affordable and Tailor learning experiences to employees needs.easy to use. With this software, trucking companies can customize training and coaching modules to employees’ needs. Truckers can gain new knowledge and skills to help them improve their driving, become more versatility as an employee, and prepare them for growth opportunities within the company.

3. Provides anywhere, any time learning – Every week truckers have downtime when they are waiting for a load or dispatch logistics to get worked out. With online training software, drivers use their time to view training modules from any location, any device, and at any time.

4. Entertains, reminds, refreshes – When creating online training modules, be creative. The If you make training fun, drivers won't be bored and dressing to listening to your modules.listening information should be shared in a light and entertaining manner. If you make the training fun, drivers won’t be bored and dread listening to your modules. Avoid the monotone, droning audio presentations. Use short videos, colors, pictures, and recordings that capture drivers’ attention. You may also want to ask other drivers who enjoy teaching others to help create the training segments. They will probably add another layer of interest and fun to the content.

Many companies who are successful in using online training using microlearning techniques. They develop a list of training and provide short bursts of information about each topic in individual modules. (Learn more about why microlearning is like making mini pizzas.)

Truckers want professional training experiences that provide the encouragement and  support they want.And with online training, it’s easy to design new modules to refresh and remind drivers’ about key work principles and retrain them in important business areas to help them succeed in their jobs.

5. Helps recruit and retain drivers – At many trucking companies, employment is a revolving door. Turnover is high, and companies spend a significant portion of their budgets on hiring and training new workers.

Truck drivers have many difficult work experiences. If they find another company that promises to provide more support, better working conditions and training, and pay, workers will quickly switch jobs.

Many drivers want professional training experiences that provide the encouragement and Online training helps trucking companies to meet regulations to stay in business.support they need. Trucking companies that invest in training that affirms drivers find it easier to find and keep good drivers. Company owners should listen to employees’ training wants and needs and work to provide the desired learning experiences.

6. Supports compliance and regulation requirements – Trucking companies have to meet specific regulations to stay in business. They have to show continual training of employees to fulfill compliance requirements. Using the right online training software, trucking companies can track drivers’ completion of training modules. This information can be recorded so regulators can review the company’s training efforts. And remember to recognize the training successes of drivers as they complete topic groups. Celebrating their achievements goes a long ways toward setting standards for work excellence.

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