4 Ways Online Training Benefits Your Business

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Coleen Gowen
Posted by Coleen Gowen on Oct 1, 2018 12:07:51 PM

4 Ways Online Training Benefits Your Business

Do you have a “once-and-done” attitude toward employee training?

When a new employee starts, you’re excited to teach what they need to know to get started. But after a few days on the job, you assume they can wing it and fly on their own. Then they make a mistake, and you get frustrated. Maybe it’s time to use an online training system to make employee training a continuous learning experience. Consider these four benefits to your business.

1. Awareness of your business brand, mission, and goals – Employee training is critical to the success of your business. New employees won’t automatically embrace the business brand,Employees-want-training-with-traineaze-786150-edited mission or goals. They have to be taught and retaught in different ways. While one-on-one training is probably one of the best communication methods, it requires a large investment of time. That’s where an online training system can make the difference. By using online training software, it is easier to provide a consistent message and make the brand, mission, and goals come alive through videos, pictures, employee stories of personal experiences. Employees love telling and hearing real stories, so it’s the perfect way to engage workers.

2. Knowledgeable and confident employees – New employees expect to make mistakes. After all, doing the actual work is when employees connect steps of their job. In the early Traineaze-keeps-Millennials-at-workemployment days, new employees forget most things they are told. But repetition and continual teaching help cement the details. 

Businesses that develop online training modules enable employees to learn at their own pace and review materials taught to refresh their understanding. Employees become more confident in their work because they fully understand business operations, products, and their job responsibilities.

3. Engaged workers and teams – Employee of all generations value training. Younger workers, in particular, spend several hours each week learning new knowledge and skills by watching YouTube instructional videos.

Work and training flexibility are the keys to successful online training programs. Employees today want to watch short training modules on any digital device, at any time of the day, and from any location. An online training system, such as Traineaze, makes it easy for employers to create the instructional and interesting teaching modules that employees want.

Research shows that training and coaching employees can be the most important factor for job satisfaction. And when employees feel valued, they become more engaged in their work. They tend to stay on the job longer than employees who don’t receive continuous training. Studies also show that engaged employees tend to be more positive and often become vital team leaders. As a result, turnover will be lower.

4. Expanded business growth – Online training programs can boost employee productivity. Businesses that invest in employee training enjoy a 24 percent higher profit margin than thoseBusinesses enjoy 24% higher profit margin with trained employees. who don’t. When workers know how to do their job, they are better able to quickly and efficiently serve customers. 

Employees know the answers to customers’ questions or know that they can watch a short online training segment to help them figure out what is needed. Customers are happier because they feel they can trust what employees say.

Training also helps employees find ways to make connections between steps and improve workflow. As they complete projects and responsibilities, they begin to link their work to other areas of the company. Employees better understand business needs and can spot ways to improve products and services to serve current and new customers.

By using an online training system, employers can continuously provide new details about products, markets, customers, and business growth opportunities. Employees at all levels and locations have access to the same information, so teamwork is seamless. And it’s easier for businesses to adjust quickly to market and industry changes.

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