Why Small Businesses Should Personalize Employee Training

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Coleen Gowen
Posted by Coleen Gowen on Mar 20, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Why Small Businesses Should Personalize Employee Training

Business owners know that training helps employees do their job better. But employees also seek learning experiences that help them grow professionally.

With online training software you can accomplish both goals. It’s a matter of personalizing employees’ learning experiences. Here’s why small businesses should tailor training to meet workers' needs.

Keeps employees at work
Employees of all ages want to continually gain new knowledge and skills to do their job better.Employees want to continually gain new knowledge and skills to do their job better. But younger workers, in particular, also expect employers to help them grow professionally and personally. If employers don’t meet their expectations, they will look for other jobs where employers will provide the coaching and training they desire.

It’s smart for small business owners to provide the right coaching and teaching experiences. Employees are happier, feel appreciated, stay on the job, and recommend the business to friends looking for work. The business spends less on replacing workers, so they have more money to invest in business growth.

And guess what? Happy employees lead to happier, more satisfied customers! So engaged employees help you establish better relationships with business partners and customers.

“Customers should come second, employees first. It’s a philosophy that
brings unexpected benefits to both the company and its clients.”
~ Sir Richard Branson, British business entrepreneur

Creates a learning culture
Businesses of all sizes should offer employee training. But first find out what Develop a training plan to create a continuous learning culture.employees want. Ask them to identify the types of learning experiences and topics they’re seeking. Then develop a training plan to develop a continuous learning culture. Learn more tips on how to link employee learning to business goals.

Empowers employees
Online training can empower employees to become engaged at work.

Granted, business owners have a lot of general training materials that employees of every level of the organization need to know. But there also are skills and knowledge that are needed by employees in specific positions.

It's simple to set up both types of training, in addition to the special experiences employees desire, through online software. And, business owners can provide it now instead of sometime in the future. Another benefit of online training is that it empowers employees to learn anytime, anywhere. Discover how to make employee training interesting by reading this blog.

"...about 85 percent of employees are not happy at work."
~ Gallup Organization

Increases productivity, encourages growth
Sir Richard Branson, noted British business entrepreneur, said it best, "Investing in your employees Investing in employees is a smart business decision.is the smartest business decision you can make." He also advises that "customers should come second, employees first. It's a philosophy that brings unexpected benefits to both the company and its clients."

The Gallup Organization reports that about 85 percent of employees are not happy at work. This level of dissatisfaction contributes to almost $7 trillion in lost productivity the world over, every year.

Businesses that put employees first believe in the value of investing in their workers. Providing personalized training shows employees that you care about them and believe in them.

Businesses should put employees firstEmployees feel appreciated and their job satisfaction increases. They become more engaged and willing to invest in helping the business succeed. And businesses with engaged employees outperform those with disengaged workers up to 202 percent. The increased productivity contributes to business success and growth.

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