Why Investing in Employee Training Pays the Best Interest

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Coleen Gowen
Posted by Coleen Gowen on Sep 10, 2018 7:51:09 PM

Why Investing in Employee Training Pays the Best Interest

One-third of new employees quit their jobs after only six months, experts report. The primary reason employees give for leaving is the lack of opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills. Benjamin Franklin once said, “An Investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” So, here’s why training programs can improve employee retention.

Enhances employee self-worth
Small businesses that provide employees with training opportunities develop workers who training investmenthave a strong sense of self-worth. Because employers are investing in their growth and development, employees feel valued and are more willing to stay on the job. Their commitment to the business increases significantly. It’s so much easier to attract and retain talented workers when they know the business is willing to invest in their development.

Increases job satisfaction
Recently, a survey of employees found that workers would stay longer at a job if they have team trainingprofessional training. Younger employees, in particular, want continuous training opportunities. About 85 percent of spend several hours each week watching instructional videos on YouTube. They want to continually learn and grow so they can pursue their dreams and professional goals. So, ask employees what they want to learn and the skills they want to develop. Then use online training software, such as Traineaze, to develop the appropriate programs. Employees will be more satisfied, morale will be higher, and employee dedication and productivity will increase.

Creating a positive learning environment will encourage employees to develop other skills the business needs. Small businesses won’t need extra workers, which sets them up for greater success.

“An Investment in knowledge always
pays the best interest.”
~Benjamin Franklin

Improves employee confidence
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Employees who receive good training are more confident in their ability to do their jobs and serve customers. They’ll comfortable answering customers’ questions, requiring less supervision. Employees will end up staying longer and working harder to grow the business. In turn, employees will become more valuable to the business. Companies that invest in employee training enjoy a 24 percent higher profit margin than those who don't.

Encourages employee engagement
Providing the right training programs encourages employees to feel more engaged with their work, their managers, and business owners. Workers will have a stronger connection to their jobs. Studies show that engaged employees outperform non-engaged workers by up to 202 percent.

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