How to Enhance Your Online Training With the Right Photos

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Coleen Gowen
Posted by Coleen Gowen on Jan 8, 2019 11:01:00 AM

How to Enhance Your Online Training With the Right Photos

Small businesses are discovering the benefit of online training software for employee training. The right software can make it easy to create modules to coach employees and teach them important information and skills they need to do their jobs and help the business reach its goals. Designing modules with a mix of color, interesting text, graphs, videos, and audio can make the training material interesting. But incorporating the right photos into modules can make content memorable. Consider eight tips for choosing the right photos.

Match business brand, color and style
When reviewing photo options, look for those that fit the company image. The goal is to use shots that complement the training information and represent the business message. Startling images can disrupt employees’ focus and cause them not to take the training or the information you want them to learn seriously.

Complement training content
The right photos can capture viewers’ attention and help them remember what they hear or For employee training modules, use photos that capture employees' attention and complement the in the training modules. Select photos that support the content, emphasize key points and evoke the right mood or attitude. And add an interesting comment to catch viewers’ eyes.

Follow a central theme and design
Draw employees to the training material by selecting photos that represent a central theme and design. The images will look like they belong together vs. randomly dropped into the content. And the training modules will look more professional and complete.

Select clear, quality images
When considering photos for the modules, look for those with a sharp focus. Then enlarge them to make sure they remain in focus and also fit the design format. Often photos look good when they are small but are blurry when enlarged. Avoid the temptation to use a photo that may represent the points you’re making but isn’t the right fit. It may be helpful to use a photo editing tool to enhance the quality of the image.

Add natural, realistic images
Photos that look staged often look fake and can cause Use clear, natural-looking photos in online training modules.employees distrust the information. Employees, especially younger groups, prefer photos that look realistic, authentic and not too polished.


Use white space
Many people working on PowerPoint presentations select photos with large images that fill the space. But viewers often find these pictures overwhelming. They prefer photos with plenty of white space to accentuate the image so they can take in the complete picture.

Feature photos vs. bullets
Instead of using bullet points for short lists of key points, useabstract-accuracy-accurate-262438-1 attractive, simple photo images that fit the content. The change in design will capture employees’ attention and make the information more interesting.

Check for copyrights and restrictions
There are many online photo services offering images at no cost or for a minimal fee. Before using stock photos or royalty-free images, check the legal language. Follow the rules and restrictions to avoid fines and penalties.

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